Step up to the next level!

Canna Amsterdam is the next step into growing! High quality, 100% legal.
By combining technology, science, knowledge, strategy and style.

What’s our secret?

There are many growers around the world. Everybody is different. Then what makes us so special? We have four simple words.


Our team has more than 20 years of experience, from all aspects. We know what we’re doing, and we know what the customers wants.


We searched the world for the best cannabis strains available. Our professional growers will provide the perfect conditions for the highest quality.


By continuing our research, discovering and creating better ways to grow, our products will always be at the very top.


We’re using cutting edge technology to create the perfect conditions. From LED light to digitally controlled environments.

Safe and certified.

Canna Amsterdam is one of the few cannabis companies that has a Good Agricultural and Collecting Practice (GACP) certification.
We are also well on our way to become one of the first cannabis facilities with pharmaceutial Good Manufacturing Practices certification.


Experience and knowledge.

One of our main goals is providing our customers with the best product possible. 
To achieve this, we are working with professional growers and doctors with years of experience. Following strict guidelines for the both production and the best product. Combined with studies about lighting, watering, strains and crops, we believe we can now provide the best product on the market.
Made with care, by the professionals, for the
 best results.


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